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About Us

The Brookside Timber Frame Story

“I’ve always loved the massiveness, durability, and detail in timber framing,” says Eli, owner of Brookside Timber Frame. Before Eli established Brookside Timber Frame, he worked for another construction company. As Eli’s crew was building a stick-frame wedding barn, he found himself imagining how good it would have looked in the timber frame style.

... not long after, a local company wanted a timber frame outdoor structure.

 Eli started doing timber framing on the side part-time. It was obvious there was a demand for timber framing in his area. After meeting with local patio builders, Eli began timber framing full-time. And so in 2018, Brookside Timber Frame was born in an empty dairy barn. Today they operate out of a large, new facility, spurred on by the mission to give their customers premium results. For them, timber framing is an art form that needs to be shared with the world.

Brookside Timber Frame’s Core Values

Turn your backyard patio into the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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Make your outdoors special.

Carry on an Old-World, timber-frame tradition in your backyard.

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Stay dry and protected.

You’re out of the sun and out of the rain but still outside.

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Get a real-wood work of art.

Enjoy a backyard structure that matches nature’s aesthetic.

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Why Choose Timber Framing by Brookside?

Inflation is real. Your dollars are not stretching as far as they used to. We are all comparing prices and trying to make wise purchases.
So why would it make sense to invest in an outdoor structure from Brookside Timber Frame? Why not just pick up a cheaper structure from a shed lot?
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Here are a few reasons we believe that our outdoor construction techniques yield superior returns on investment:

When correctly crafted, a mortise and tenon joint is among the strongest and most durable of all wood joints. When you partner with Brookside, you gain the strength of this centuries-old technique. And your structure will retain its durability and value for years.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter structures. We handcraft each structure and pay close attention to every detail. 

  • Hidden Simson Strong-Tie Anchors ensure stability in high winds without exposed hardware. 
  • Poly Stand Off base mounts create air flow and preserve posts from moisture and cement contraction mounts.

In a world of manmade materials and synthetics, we don’t cut corners.  We build with only solid North American wood timbers. Real timber’s advantages include natural durability, strength, and beauty.

We’re not just selling backyard structures and dropping them off for you to deal with. After your structure is carefully crafted and packaged in our manufacturing facility, our team delivers and builds your structure on-site. 

Timber Frame FAQs

A. Our pergolas and pavilions are completely customized so they can fit over new or existing patios.

A. Because of our pre-cutting process, we may only be on your property for one or two days. Depending on the intricacy of the customization, it will take longer, but it’s rare that the build will be longer than 4 days.


  • Natural durability. Solid wood timber yields durability and longevity for years to come.
  • Natural strength. Solid wood timber provides natural strength and dimensional stability to resist twisting and warping.
  • Natural beauty. No other material looks as naturally gorgeous or has the stain-holding power of solid wood timber.

A.  North America

A. &nbsp&nbsp&nbspYes, bugs can be a problem in wood timbers. However, bugs will be more attracted to softer, non-acidic timber like pine and spruce. Bugs hate Douglas fir, cedar, and hemlock. Bugs will also be drawn to wet, damp, and rotten timber, making proper installation and application of timbers a necessity.

Our Service Area

Brookside Timber Frame is based in Richmond, IN and builds authentic timber frame structures within a 2 hour radius of our location. Our service area includes Eastern Indiana, and Western Ohio, including but not limited to the following towns: 

  • Anderson IN
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Dayton OH
  • Fort Wayne IN
  • Greenville OH
  • Greenwood IN
  • Indianapolis IN
  • Kettering OH
  • Muncie IN
  • Sidney OH
  • Troy OH
  • and other nearby neighborhoods

Not sure if we build in your area? Please contact us.


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